If You Grew Up as a 90s Kid…

If you grew up as a 90s kid

Or you’re the parent of someone who did

Then this poem may just resonate

‘cos life back then was really great

First day at school, January 1991

This rhyme started as a spark inside my brain

When I got a Panini sticker book once again

Remember football players, teams and shinies

In playgrounds and swap shops back in the 90s?

And what about the other crazes:

Yo-Yo’s, Pogs and Beanie Babies

Did you ever try to make sea monkeys grow,

Or ‘feed’ a Tamagotchi all those years ago?

90s crazes

Remember begging your folks for popper trousers?

And tying knots at the front of summer blouses?

Scrunchies and braids; the green and yellow Man U shirt,

Crop tops, cotton cycling shorts and my best denim skirt.

What about the shoes that we had on our feet:

Reebok Classics and Kickers, man they were sweet!

High tops and sneakers when they weren’t even cool

Jelly shoes were essential at the beach or the pool.

90s fashion

Now there might be a thousand channels to flick through on Sky

But in the 90s I don’t think we had Channel 5

‘The Playbus’ and ‘Andy in the Broom Cupboard’ on CBBC

Then ‘Fun House’ and ‘The Hurricanes’ on CITV

We were scared of the Child Catcher but we loved Power Rangers

Saw ads for Calgon, being Tango’ed and ‘stranger danger’

The theme tunes for the shows were classic as well –

Remember ‘Hang Time’, ‘Sabrina’ and ‘Saved By The Bell’?

90s kids tv

Weeknights meant ‘Neighbours’ and ‘Home and Away’

Then ‘Top of the Pops’ after tea on a Thursday

‘Live and Kicking’ was the start to a childhood weekend

But it was on Saturday night TV that we came to depend

Baywatch got things going, what a start to our night!

Gladiators next (to inspire our play fights)

Then Cilla, ‘our Graham’ and the fun of ‘Blind Date’

We finished with Casualty (BBC1, ten past eight)

90s saturday tv

If we were bored, we went outside to play

Swingball and hopscotch were the games of the day

We tried to hula hoop for as long as we could

I made my sis go in goal – she was younger, she should!

Six week summer holidays, the sun always shone

Ironically global warming seems to mean those days are now gone

But when not playing outside or watching TV,

We listened to music on a tape or CD

90s games

I remember when ‘Wannabe’ was number one

And arguing whether Mel C or Mel B was more fun

Eternal, Take That, Backstreet Boys and then Hanson

Mmmbop and Whigfield, they both got us dancing

The Macarena routine is stuck in my brain

We practised those moves again and again

The Fresh Prince rap is one we all know

Not to mention MC Hammer and of course Coolio

90s music 

We actually grew up alongside Harry Potter

Scared ourselves reading Goosebumps and later Point Horror

Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario arrived

We spent hours on Gameboy and keeping Lemmings alive

We welcomed email and the Internet age

But it took over a minute to load one single page

When you called up a friend, you used the house phone

And if no one was in: “Please leave a message after the tone.”

90s technology

Pick n Mix at the cinema was a big part of the trip

We all saw ‘The Lion King’, ‘Beethoven’ and ‘Free Willy’ doing the flip

When we left my Grandparents’ we got two jelly teddies as treats

Spent pocket money at the corner shop on penny sweets

If we were thirsty we had Panda Pops, UmBongo or Capri Sun

“Can you get your straw in? Me either! Help me Mum!”

We made ice-lollies with squash and ate Petit Filous

Fish fingers were yummy, potato waffles too

90s food and film

If you’re a 90s kid I hope you made sense of the rhyme

Just a few of my memories from back in time

Don’t stay in the past – we’re long out of school

But being a 90s kid… man, that was cool!

On the beach